Create a Checklist custom field

To use Markin for custom fields, follow the instruction at https://confluence.atlassian.com/jira/adding-a-custom-field-185729521.html. The custom field type is Checklist Custom Field.
Checklist for Jira

Configure options of a checklist

You can create or edit the checklist on the Create Issue form or on the Issue page.
To add new options, click on the field value to change to the Edit mode, provide the description in the input box, and click Add new option.
To delete existing options, click on the Trash icon.
To edit existing options, click on the Edit icon.
To reorder existing options, drag the Three-dots icon and drop the option into the new place.
Do not forget to click the Jira's Check icon to apply all the changes.
Checklist for Jira
Checklist for Jira
Checklist for Jira
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