Security Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish standards and guidelines for the development, implementation, and maintenance of our apps to ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our services to our customers.


Software Development Security

  • We will follow secure coding practices, including regular code reviews and vulnerability scans, to prevent security vulnerabilities. Tools and techniques such as static code analysis or SAST (Static Application Security Testing) will be utilized.

  • We will promptly address any discovered vulnerabilities, prioritizing based on severity.

  • We will ensure that all code and dependencies are up-to-date and regularly checked for known security vulnerabilities.

Data Security

  • All customer data will be encrypted both at rest and in transit using industry-standard encryption protocols.

  • Access to customer data will be strictly limited to necessary cases, and all access will be logged and auditable.

Access Control

  • We will adopt a least privilege policy, where access rights are granted based on the minimum permissions required to perform job functions.

  • Regular audits will be conducted to ensure unnecessary access rights are revoked.

Authentication and Authorization

  • We will implement strong authentication mechanisms such as two-factor authentication.

  • We will implement strict role-based access control mechanisms to restrict access to sensitive information and systems.

Incident Response

  • We will establish an incident response plan to handle any security incidents promptly and effectively.

  • This includes procedures for identifying, investigating, mitigating, and reporting incidents.

Policy Compliance

Compliance Measurement

  • We will conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with this policy.


  • Any exception to this policy must be approved by both members of the workshop.


  • Any non-compliance with this policy will be taken seriously and could lead to disciplinary action.

This policy will be reviewed and updated regularly to ensure it remains relevant and effective in managing our information security risks.

Policy Review

This policy will be reviewed annually or whenever significant changes to our operations or the threat landscape occur.

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