Create a JEditor-compatible Custom Field

Since it is impossible for a Jira Cloud's app to create its own custom field type, this app provides JEditor-compatible Editor for fields of Jira Cloud’s built-in types. This gives you important benefits:

  • All JEditor-compatible data is stored securely in your Jira Cloud the same way other Jira data is stored. Your data will never be stored on our site.

  • Search, JQL, export, API, email notifications, and other field-related utilities will work the same way other fields work.

Please follow the instructions below to create a JEditor-compatible custom field.

Migrate JEditor custom fields from Jira Data Center or Jira Server to Jira Cloud

JEditor custom fields only Jira Data Center or Jira Server must be created by the JEditor - Rich Text Editor For Jira plugin.

The first step is to use the Jira Cloud Migration Tool to migrate your data from Jira Data Center or Server to Jira Cloud.

Go to the Project Settings page of the project that contains JEditor custom fields. Select JEditor-compatible Fields under the Apps menu. In the configuration page, select the JEditor custom fields that have been migrated along with all issue types containing the fields.

Open an issue that contains the field. Click on the More Options (three-dots) button. You should see the JEditor-compatbile Fields section.

Edit the field in the JEditor Fields section by clicking Edit under the editor.

Do not use the normal editor provided by Jira

Hide the original field editor

If your project is company-managed (formerly classic), you can also hide the original field editor. Please see the instructions here

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