Markdown Syntax


You can get a list of all available syntax by pressing Ctrl + Space in the editor. A context menu with all available syntax will appear.

To move between items, use Up, Down, Left, Right keys. To select an item, click on it or press Enter. An example will be inserted.

LaTeX Math formulas

Block formulas

Inline formulas

Sequence diagrams

Learn more about the syntax here:

Graphviz diagrams

Learn more about the syntax (Graphviz DOT) here:

Mermaid UML diagrams

Mermaid UML diagram:

State diagrams

Sequence diagrams

Class diagrams

Markdown syntax


Styling text


Task lists

Using emoji

Mentioning people

Type @ and select the user to be mentioned.

Inserting attachments as images

Type @@ and select the attachment to be inserted.


Quoting code

Quoting text


Gherkin syntax

Please enable Gherkin syntax first before using this feature.

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